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SELLING DOUJINSHI + MORE! [Jul. 22nd, 2013|10:38 pm]
Howl's Moving Castle Community



I am selling doujinshi, manga, anime and plushies ranging from HET to BL and GL with series from Madoka Magica, Haruhi Suzumiya, OreImo, Ao no Exorcist, Harry Potter, Death Note, Durarara!, Tiger & Bunny, Uta no Prince-sama, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gintama, Gundam Wing, Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice, Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, Togainu no Chi, Vocaloid and more!

These are the Howl's Moving Castle ones I have so far:

 photo HP0076_zps984cb9e4.png
(Notes: Sophie looks different here because her character design in the doujin is based on the original English novel with red wavy hair.)

Please click here to see the full list of items I have for sale~